Hi, I'm Shelanne.

  • I'm a photographer, a wife, a mother to three beautiful daughters and a lover of everything country. If its old, rustic or has a history its my style - that is how my passion for photography started. Growing up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan remnants of days past existed everywhere and a desire was created to capture those remnants in photo. I loved the stories those old farmyards told, imagining life as it was and how the experiences of our ancestors shaped who we are today. My favorite place to be was some of these old places, buildings falling down weathered and worn, the peacefulness of the wild grass blowing in the wind. When my first daughter was born I discovered that my love for photography grew beyond the landscape and I started photographing people - families, weddings, moments of life and love. My passion now exists for those moments - the emotion, the story of the picture, creating something that freezes times. Another photographer once told me that he "captures happiness for a living" - I loved that and it has resonated with me for years. Let's talk! Let me capture your happiness, your moment in time......
  • Located in Ogema, Saskatchewan servicing southern Saskatchewan, Regina and Moose Jaw.

“"Never regret anything that made you smile”